Psychoanalysis & Film

For or as long as I can remember I have always felt passionate about film. I fulfilled a longstanding desire by completing a four year course at Birkbeck College, University of London in Film and Media studies. Just as in poems, music, and literature, studying film's symbolic and deeper meanings empowers us by helping to integrate emotions, intuition and logic, and therefore blend our rational and "irrational" processes.

Understanding reactions to characters, who are "different" and unlikable can guide us to discover the "shadow" of our own psyche, our true self and our potential. My work as a psychotherapist has allowed me to merge my love of cinema by identifying the therapeutic value of film and how incorporating it into my work with certain clients can have therapeutic benefit.

The Freud Museum

As with all forms of art, when we study film we study ourselves. Over the years I have enjoyed and attended various "Projection courses" at the Freud museum which embrace both psychoanalysis and film.

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